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About Us
When you have a home that is built just for you, it feels natural. You feel like this is where you belong. There is nowhere else you would rather be. Your home will be warm, and inviting in a way that appeals specifically to you.

We design homes based on the needs of their inhabitants. Taking into account the people who will be living in them, and the technologies available to keep them running. We create homes that are warm, and inviting. We believe in homes that use space efficiently, allowing for more uses of a smaller footprint. This way of approaching design results in a more efficient home. Efficient both for the people using the home, and for the technology that keeps the home comfortable. This efficiency translates to lower construction and maintenance costs, regarding both time and money.

Efficient design naturally translates into green design.

Through efficiency, the home becomes green. Taking advantage of passive solar heating, and natural heat transfer patterns, for example. These methods were first developed by the Greeks, and have been advancing since then. Apart from refining materials and calculating solar angles based on exact geographical location, the passive solar model as we know it is at least a hundred years old. Another ancient building feature, the green roof, creates excellent rooftop insulation. This works doubly, as the roof is where the majority of household heat is lost, and a rooftop garden can help cleanse the air of Co2 gas. A well thought out plan proves that building green doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to make sense.

Working with Jensen Design Services will result in a home that makes sense, and feels right.

Jensen Design Services was founded in 2014 by Adam Jensen, a graduate of Algonquin College's Architectural Technician program.